Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saving Abby - Lenticular

A new adventure of Saving Abby coming soon. :-)
From Amy Chu and Anderson Cabral

Few pages of Destiny

Enclosed in a secret crypt for centuries, the Spear of Destiny hold unspeakable power. A power members of the SS desperately crave.
Destiny, is a thrilling graphic novel from Matt Stevens and published by Snap Comics.
Another jam with my pal Silvio dB (pencil/ink) and I (colors).
Find more about Destiny comic book at Facebook.


Another illustration for Shimmer Magazine #17
Story by Robert N. Lee

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Mascate is the first brasilian motion-comic. Written by Yves Briquet, pencilled by Silvio dB and colored by me. This project has been funded in a crowdfunding mode ( I want to thank everyone who has helped bring it to alive!
Find more about Mascate at DraconianComics.